Warm Weather is on its Way: Practice Safety When You Break Out the Grill

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With spring and summer comes warm and perfect grilling weather. What you may not know is that grilling safety can be very important for the protection of your home. Grilling can be surprisingly dangerous and it is in you and your homes best interests to practice legitimate safety precautions. Here are some simple safety tips you can implement to ensure that you will be protected and enjoy your barbeques:

Wear an apron so as to protect yourself from grease, hot debris, etc. Also, wearing oven mitts can be a great safety precaution as well.
Make sure that you grill within a safe distance away from your house. Especially with a gas grill, it is important that you are far enough away from the structure of your home in case of an accident.
When using a charcoal grill, be sure to wash coals off with water after they are cool. It is extremely dangerous to put coals directly into the trash, even if you think all of the starter fluid used to light them has been burned off.
Be cautious where you place your grill after you are done cooking. Obviously, this grill will be hot for a while after you have finished cooking, be wary of its placement, especially when having a backyard get together where children will be present.

Besides human life, one of the most important things to protect while grilling is your home. It seems unlikely, but accidents do happen and one wrong move with your grill can result in fire, burns, etc. It is a good idea to look into your homeowner’s insurance before kicking off your “grilling season.” Make sure you have enough fire and liability coverage in your home policy, just in case. Those in Ohio should contact Reichley Insurance Agency for more information on homeowner’s insurance and what kind of coverage you can get for fires, liability issues, and more. Visit our virtual insurance office today at www.reichleyins.com for a free quote on homeowner’s insurance or contact us by phone toll free at 800.759.6003.

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