Tornado Warning Signs and Renters Insurance in Ohio

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In States prone to tornadoes, these windstorm events may occur at any time of year and any hour of the day, although mid-afternoon to mid-evening is generally the time of highest risk. Tornadoes can cause severe property damage and even if you are a renter rather than a property owner, without renters insurance in Ohio could you afford to replace your things in one go?

Do you know how to tell if a tornado may be likely? The Office of Climate, Weather and Water Services (OWS) lists some key indicators including:

  • A dark sky which may have a green tinge
  • Big hailstones
  • A loud roar

The OWS also points out that tornadoes are not always clearly visible and may look like they are not reaching the ground when in fact debris can already be swirling around at the point of the funnel.

Should a tornado look likely to threaten your area, warnings will be issued over radio, TV and the internet. However the OWS notes that sometimes tornadoes form too fast for the warning system to be activated – so it’s up to everyone to keep an eye out.

You may not think you have many personal goods to worry about but look around your rental. The cost of replacing clothes, electronics such as TVs and computer equipment, crockery and furniture, can soon add up. Renters insurance in Ohio could help significantly with the costs of replacing your possessions after damage caused by an insured event. Why not talk to one of our experienced staff today about coverage to meet your needs?


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